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The Most Important Conversations

Who Are You… Really?

It’s Time to Live an Aligned Life

Jacob will teach you how to improve your relationship with your health and

well-being with these Simple Distinctions

Let's face it, we are not operating the way we "think" How can you handle homeostasis when you cant even find your car keys..?

Through this layered approach you can eliminate confusion

and stress caused by unhealthy habits.

 With this layered movement approach you can eliminate stress and weakness caused by unhealthy alignment.

Shift Your Definition of Health

"Understand to Improve" relationships with your Brain, Body and Mind.

Relieve Your Tension with the

3 Releases

These simple practices will increase your postural awareness.

Let's face it, we are not designed to sit as long as we do. Fortunately, these simple exercises can greatly reduce or eliminate your pain altogether.

Whether you realize it or not, you are addicted to this existence - it’s become an unconscious, habitual way of being, reinforced by culture and the world around you.

The ONLY thing that will help you transcend and escape this existence is doing The Work to recondition and retrain your BEing to be Aligned.


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