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Who Are You… Really?
It’s Time to Live an Aligned Life

There MUST Be More to Life, Right?

Are you tired of always feeling stressed and exhausted, wondering if you are living the life you feel you are supposed to be living?

Do you feel like you are just going through the motions of an otherwise mundane and uninspired existence?

The Hundred Year Plan was my last resort and final stop.

 - Jacqueline F.

"The Hundred Year Plan was my last resort and final stop."

 - Jacqueline F.
Does "exercising" feel like a job you dislike, possibly even hate?

Do you feel trapped in your body and uninspired about life?

Are you struggling with anxiety, depression or other health issues that seem to be getting worse because of your life outlook?

Is your relationship with your body draining you of your youth, vitality and excitement for life?

Do you feel like it doesn’t seem to matter how much information you know or how much money you spend that nothing ever seems to get better for you?

These are just a few of the common symptoms typical of people NOT living an Aligned Life.

This is the experience of much of humanity.

It’s not your fault. Your brain is pre-conditioned, “wired” to this type of fear-based, uninspired, unsuccessful existence.

In fact, whether you realize it or not, you are addicted to this existence - it’s become an unconscious, habitual way of being, reinforced by culture and the world around you.

The ONLY thing that will help you transcend and escape this existence is doing The Work to recondition and retrain your BEing to be Aligned.

What is an Aligned Life?

An Aligned Life is a life where you experience flow, ease, success, happiness, joy and contentment.

An Aligned Life is a life where you - THE REAL YOU - gets out of your own way with all the reasons and excuses for why your life is uninspiring, or even downright dysfunctional, and you align with who you really are and what really matters for you to BE you!

An Aligned Life is where all your excuses and reasons for why you tolerate BEing unhappy, uninspired, and unaligned fall away. No more excuses as to why you “can’t” do this or “won’t” do that.
An Aligned Life is your access to freedom, and it is all within you - right now, as you read this... is all within you

You are so powerful, so beautiful, so creative, so capable. For too long you have listened to and believed other people’s projections and narratives about who you are and who you are supposed to be, and it’s killing you! And you know it.

Take the first step and join a community that cares about you, that allows you to be YOU, that journey’s with you through the reinvention of your true self; and opens doors for you to live your REAL authentic life.

TMIC for Wellness is a twelve (12) month workshop that provides you with the framework for total integrated healthy living – Aligned with your BEing.

In short, you do not need to suffer with chronic pain, low  energy, poor sleep, high stress, poor diet, and general unhappiness - but the truth is, you CHOOSE to!

Learn and implement the principles of healthy integrated living through this powerful workshop series.

TMIC Workshop Methodology

All TMIC Workshops adhere to TMIC’s strict methodology, required to ensure TMIC’s 100% Transformation Guarantee. It’s impossible to engage in TMIC’s BEing-based work without experiencing profound transformation in the areas of your life you choose to focus on and apply these practices to.

TMIC Methodology transcends mere Inspiration and Motivation covered by most “self help” and “personal growth” programs. While TMIC includes these elements, our practices and “The Work” distinguish our participants from those who simply learn new information: Ours come to embody it as a way of BEing — transforming themselves in the process.

TMIC methodology moves through the levels of General Awareness; New Information; Action: Practice & Application; Discipline; Knowledge & Wisdom; Mentoring/Teaching (Daily Disciplined Application); and Connection/Embodiment /Intimacy.


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